Over 30 Years of Cheer Involvement

Amanda Phillips has been in and around the cheerleading environment for over 30 years. She started participating in cheer in the 7th grade, cheered through high school and was invited to try out for the very first Tiger Elite open team. She participated on this team until the age of 24 when she got married and started her family. 

Amanda has three daughters 13, 11 and 2. Her older daughters have been involved in cheering since they were three years old. She has been a Mom around this sport for about 10 years.

Her love and passion for the sport motivated her to open her own gym called Voodoo Elite. She ran and operated it for about five years before selling it to Todd due to another family business she was involved in. After sitting out of the sport for about a year, she approached Todd and started coaching school teams.

Her career in cheer stems over a 30 year span. From a cheerleader, parent of a cheerleader, coaching and gym owner standpoint, Amanda has the best interest of your child in mind. Nola All Stars has a strong sense of community – encouraging values of integrity, leadership, teamwork and confidence in your child! It is a gym that you can be PROUD to represent where you can perfect your skills of cheering and be supported to your highest athletic ability!


    Nola All Stars Cheer Team Harahan